If you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation, no doubt you’re thinking of getting a shower screen installed.

However, there are many areas to consider when choosing a shower screen.  Is your main priority design or functionality?

Glass shower enclosures are a designer favourite with clear being a classic, but coloured or textured glass offering more privacy. There are many options for glass finishes, so it’s worth considering the wide variety of looks and functions you can achieve to get the best fit for your bathroom style and your comfort level.  See the options below to find out what’s right for you.


The ultimate classic, simple clear glass is a safe bet for nearly any bathroom because it can suit both traditional and modern styles. It’s an especially good choice if your space already includes a bit of colour elsewhere or a feature tile that you want to show off without distraction.

Hardware will stand out on clear glass, so be sure to pick something simple and sleek to keep the look crisp.


A frosted or semi-transparent finish lets in light but closes the sightline. The shower won’t look as large but will feel more private. Glass options come in different levels of transparency. Although semi-transparent glass will let in some light, you will need a light in the shower itself to achieve proper brightness.


To get the best of both worlds, have your shower glass frosted to create a privacy panel, with fully transparent sections at the top and the bottom. This helps open the space whilst keeping the majority of the enclosure hidden.

These are the 3 most popular options however, if these don’t excite you, do some research.  There are too many options to list here, from Mint, Beachy Blue, Navy, Striped, Textured and Multi-paned.

We can also help provide some choices to go with your bathroom design.