Open shelves are not for everyone.  If you are an untidy person, it may not be the best option for you.  Some people prefer to be able to hide, a not so perfect cupboard with a door.  They can add a lot of style and functionality without too much work.

If you are going to opt for open shelves in the kitchen here are some uses and style tips for open shelving.


Some of the most common items to spot on open kitchen shelves are daily essentials like coffee mugs, plates and bowls. Items like this work well on open shelves as they are in easy reach.  It also works well to have everyday items used on open shelving as it avoids dust buildup.  Frequently used items are not sitting there long enough.


Glasses are especially attractive items to store on an open shelf because their clear material plays into the breezy look. Storing them upside down effectively seals out dust and debris, so the glass is ready to use whenever needed.


Besides practical uses, open shelves can also add a lot of character and beauty to a kitchen. Perfect if you have a neutral colour scheme, shelves are a great place to introduce a burst of colour, such as classic rich-blue water glasses or bright coffee mugs.


If you have a nice coffee maker, open shelves are ideal to create a little coffee station area.  Include fresh beans, sugar, coffee spoons and other supplies to craft the perfect cup. And of course, for the tea drinkers, you can stash tea bags, honeys and syrups, cups and saucers etc.


Books always look good on open shelving in any room.  Pick out some nice book ends and a handful of your favourite recipe books.  It will also make them easily accessible, and not forgotten when they are away in a cupboard.