Technology in the kitchen should be embraced and not feared.  A tablet with the right apps for the kitchen just may help you when you most need it.  There are apps to help organise your recipes, timers, conversion apps and even apps to help you choose wine to match your meal.  Here are a few popular ones we researched to get your started.


Kitchen Calculator PRO converts volumes, weights, temperatures, and measurements. ($4.49)


This app allows you to set many timers at once – simmer a sauce, bake a pie, and wake your child up from his/her nap, all on time. (free)


Import online recipes, upload your own and create organised meal plans out of them.  The meal plan will automatically sync to create a grocery list for the week.  It can also keep track of what you have in your pantry via the bar code scanner.  Scan what you have in the pantry so you don’t double up when shopping. This app is for the most detail – orientated planners.($5.99)


This app is clear, easy to use, and has one simple goal – to create a personalised recipe collection.  You can organise your recipes by collecting them from recipe websites (and entering your own).  You can even upload photos, rate each recipe, search your collection and create shopping lists.  Easy to use, without the bells and whistles. ($1.49)


The app offers practical guidelines and suggestions to match over 180 varieties with 1,000 food items (and counting). Be confident that you always make the right choice for cooking at home or dining out with Pair It! ($7.99)

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