The kitchen really is the heart of the home, even more so than the living room and is the place where families spend a majority of their time together. Once the work-horse of the house, the kitchen is now treated as a social hub. Everything happens in this space from cooking and entertaining to planning, doing home-work and socialising. We now rely on the kitchen for most of our day-to-day activities so makes sense that this space be as inviting and as functional as possible.  Below we have some of the trends for 2017 to include in your kitchen design.


Grey, black and white tones are rising in popularity.  Having a simple colour palette will tend to blend in with the interior of the remainder of your home.  If you include open shelving, you can use this space to reflect your own personal style and update from time to time.


Tiling is coming back as a trend in kitchens with textured or 3-dimensional tiles.  People are leaning towards round mosaic tiles and handmade textures porcelain tiles rather than subway tiles. For the floor larger format floor tiles in greys or charcoals will remain in style as well as timber look tiles.


Black and white composite granite sinks with matching mixer taps are in high demand this year.  Another more luxurious option are metallic sinks with matching metallic taps in finishes such as brass, copper and gun metal.


It’s becoming increasingly popular to integrate appliances and workstations into the design of a kitchen to create a sense of flow and cohesion. When selecting appliances remember to choose ones that are specifically designed for integration.  Storage in a kitchen is a must, so having a pantry that is tucked behind joinery is a great way to provide generous storage while being discreet!


The overall linear look is proving very popular in today’s modern kitchen, and we will continue to see more plain and handleless doors for a simple yet modern style.


Technology is rapidly developing in the contemporary home leaving the kitchen as no exception. There is more of a focus on appliances such as integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality, colour changing lights and even pop up sockets for phone charging, giving traditional kitchens a subtle, modern twist.  There are also kettles and coffee machines you can control them from your bed via an app and when you get downstairs your hot drink is ready for you.

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