You prefer to be surrounded with simplicity and don’t like too many patterns or textures.  Choose square or rectangular units and no more than 3 colours.  This will give you the clean and neat look you really want. Your bathroom linens should be in one colour with minimal pattern as well.


You are a dreamer – you dream of travelling and discovering new places.  Nauticals for you, midnight blue and monochrome colours.  Choose soft wood with ropes and whites.  Any engraved and typography type accessories and old school mirrors will look fantastic.

3.     MODERN

Play with colours and patterns but pick them carefully.  Look for soft edges and curved furniture.  The colour possibilities are endless.  You can go for sophisticated purposes or pastels.  All accessories should follow the shape of the units so opt for round and modern ones.


This one if for the creative minds.  This is probably the most difficult one to style.  Pick the units design when picking accessories.  Count the corners! Opt for a different colour to contrast it.  Finish up with statement colour linens.

5.     VINTAGE

Any shabby chic baskets, soft pastels, browns – anything!   You can play and have fun.  Bring the vintage colours out by adding soft florals and darker linens.  Don’t be scared of mixing textures like rose or oak wood & wicker.  Mix ceramic with metallic like copper or bronze.