Spring is just around the corner, followed by our glorious long Summers.  In Australia, our outdoor lifestyle includes BBQs, parties and dining outside on balmy nights. This is why outdoor kitchens are becoming a natural extension of the home.

Here are the essential considerations for a super outdoor kitchen.


It’s important to consider the same principles as with an indoor kitchen design when designing an outdoor kitchen however an outdoor kitchen will have some rules of its own not being defined by walls, doors and windows.  The traditional working triangle used in the kitchen should be applied to the outdoor kitchen.


It is important to think about the kind of things you will typically cook when you decide what appliance ‘add-ons’ to go for.  Think about whether you want a plate or grill for BBQing, or both and/or whether you may like a wok burner etc.  It’s best to keep these items to a minimum. 

If you spend the money on a barbecue, make sure it’s stainless steel and that it comes with a cover, particularly if it’s being kept outside and not under a roof.


To enjoy your outdoor kitchen during cooler months, you may opt for propane-fuelled units like patio heaters, gas logs, space heaters, or go with something more aesthetically pleasing such as a custom fireplace. For those times when you need some relief from the harsh Australian heat, there are portable air coolers, misting systems and if you have a roof over your kitchen, ceiling fans that are designed to keep the atmosphere cool and comfortable.


When your outdoor kitchen is ready to go, finish off with plants, furniture, cushions and blankets to add the ‘wow’ factor.

IMAGE: Everything Cabinets Design