The galley kitchen layout has lost popularity in recent years, partially due to changes in lifestyle of modern families. Families view kitchens as a room to hang out, do homework, pay bills, entertain and eat. However, the galley kitchen can be one of the best uses of space, engaging the best layout for cooking.

Galley kitchens offer a simple and economic layout that is highly efficient as a kitchen workspace. They are identified by the open corridor of space that runs between the two bench tops.  Often found in smaller units and apartments where space is a premium, however are equally effective as a practical design in larger spaces too.

Galley kitchens are often preferred by chefs because of the easy access between work benches, appliances and storage.  When designed well, they are functional, provide maximum bench space and there are minimal awkward corner areas.


The danger with galley kitchens is walk through traffic, so keep this in mind when designing.  Place your sink opposite your cooktop for efficient use.  Place your fridge to an end to minimise walk through traffic.

Handle-free cupboards are ideal, as they tend to make the space feel even larger than it is.

Galley kitchens work well with a modern, minimal or traditional design.  Keep your galley kitchen light, bright and open and you will feel the benefits of this kitchen layout.  Lighting is a priority when designing a galley kitchen, to avoid creating a closed in feel.

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