Include these tips along with your renovation design to ensure your bathroom works to full ergonomic function.

Raise the height of vanities

Did you know that most people are taller these days than when 850 millimetres became the standard height for bathroom vanities – in fact, it is not uncommon for some designs to reach 1000 millimetres in height. If you or your family are part of the taller population, consider raising your vanity if it holds a recessed sink. If, however, you choose mounting a bowl basin on top of your vanity, be wary of increasing the height too much.

Bath and shower taps positions

Have you ever turned on the shower taps and had to duck to one side to avoid getting splashed by a stream of water? This common design flaw usually results from the shower taps being positioned too close to the shower head – sometimes even directly beneath it. Try placing your taps on a facing wall instead. If you need to combine a shower and bath to save space, avoid placing your shower taps behind a fixed glass screen. This forces you to reach awkwardly behind the screen to grasp the taps while leaning precariously over the tub. In the long term your back will thank you for it.

Consider vanity doors

If you are short on space, consider using sliding doors on your vanity if it’s above the bathroom sink to avoid bumping your head if the door is left open.

Swap cupboards for drawers

Deep storage drawers are now a popular choice in kitchens. This clever trend has now taken off in the bathroom. Ergonomically, it is easier to simply open a drawer and see the contents at a glance instead of groping in the back of a dark cupboard. Drawers are available in many different designs and depths to house all your toiletries.

Design with cleaning in mind

Ergonomics come into play when we when we are cleaning as well.  Consider wall-hung vanities, sinks, toilets and freestanding bathtubs to allow an easier and more thorough cleaning of your floors.

Towel rail position

One of the simplest ways to keep your wet and dry zones separate is to position your towel rails within easy reach of your shower or bath, and not on the other side of the room.