Do you walk through those display homes and prize homes and wonder why your kitchen doesn’t quite look the same?  It’s all in the styling.  There are many ways to style your kitchen but today we are going to focus on 3 simple ones and particularly for your kitchen island bench.

  1. A Group of Vases

That’s right!  Not just one – try a collection of vases at varying heights.  This can make such a  statement on your kitchen island bench.  An odd number of vases works better.  Arrange your vases until your display looks appealing from all angles.  Add some flowers to add a pop of colour!

  1. Display fresh fruit on those pretty dishes you’ve been saving!!

The kitchen island bench is the perfect place to show off fresh fruit and encourage the family to eat it.    Do you have precious dishes or trays you have packed away for a special occasion.  They should be on display.  Display the fruit in these precious bowls or trays you have had stored away.  These dishes you’ve been saving bring some much needed pattern, texture, and personality to a typically cold space.

  1. Use a simple bread bowl!

A simple bread bowl can change the whole atmosphere when it comes to island styling so I would definitely invest in one for those times when you want something simple and completely clutter free in the kitchen!  Using one of these on your island is the perfect centre piece and they come in all shapes and sizes and can hold anything from real or faux fruit and flowers, to seasonal items such as pumpkins in the fall and pinecones in the winter, etc.  You can even use one alone with nothing in it at all and it will still make a statement on your island!

I hope you enjoyed these fun, simple tips today!!  Now go style that kitchen island bench away and have fun!  Decorating any space in your home should always be fun and should reflect your personal style so always remember to put your spin on things when designing any area in your home.    Remember, you don’t want your home to look like someone else’s home…you want it to look like you!  Enjoy!!