Niches – an Essential in Modern Bathrooms

The latest in bathroom design is shower niches. Everything Cabinets can make it a simple and easy addition to your new bathroom.

Shower NIche

Bathrooms should be private space within the home allowing everyone in the family to relax, and unwind while being practical and serviceable. To ensure this, bathroom designs need to be extremely convenient and ergonomic. One of the big frustrations in the bathroom is, however, to keep the space organised.  In the past the wet areas of home lack surfaces and  storage spaces to keep all those personal items tidy. The niche has changed all that.

Modern bathroom building supplies allow us to install this modern style shelf in most walls of your bathroom for the perfect and smart renovations.

  • How to Solve Storage Issues in the Bathroom.

Looking to improve the functionality of your shower space? How can you have a shelf that is with easy reach? Everything Cabinets can help you address these problems and more with this simple versatile idea. Niches can improve the comfort and give you storage you thought you could never have.

Not only in the shower but niches can be installed above the toilet to make use of the space that would otherwise not be used. Where you place the niche is only limited by your own imagination. The niche can be single or double space and can be installed in most walls in your home.


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