Your bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house but renovating it is probably the biggest job!

First things first

Everything Cabinets will help with the design of your new bathroom.  They will work out the new size and dimensions of the bathroom, along with the locations of the current doors and windows. This is crucial to your new floor plan, as well as the size and shape of your new fixtures and fittings.

If you intend to change the layout of your bathroom by adding windows or skylights, or new doorways for a walk-through bathroom, for example, you will need to allow for extra costs for these items.

Get Expert Advice

Everything Cabinets are professionals who will help with designing and renovating your bathroom. We do from start to finish in the bathroom and have our own contractors that complete this. We at Everything Cabinets are only too happy to assist with this – it’s what we do, after all!

You might think you could save money by doing it myself…

You need to be realistic about what your capabilities are. Bathroom renovations are very complex with many parts of the process needing skilled professionals eg plumbers, electricians, tilers. The order that these jobs are carried out is also important.

It might be best if you left that to the professionals and do some of the easier jobs, such as choosing a style for your new bathroom. Determine what colours you would like and find fixtures and fittings you would like and installing those towel rails and hanging up that painting when all is done.

Remember that you will probably not buy fixtures and fittings very often, so buying those good quality ones you love is an investment you won’t regret.

There is also considerations such as the e Wetseal component which needs to have a qualified professional to complete as this has to have a wetseal certificate supplied to Australian Standards. If this is not completed and not signed off a new house will not pass final inspection and the tiles and any work on top will have to be removed fully and re-inspected prior to a certificate being given – which is extremely costly.