You’ve got the perfect laundry built to your specifications and it looks fantastic…until you bring in the ratty old laundry hamper your Mum gave you when you moved out.

You need that laundry hamper hidden away and integrated into your lovely cabinets, or otherwise, make a statement with it!

When you think laundry hamper, if you’re like most of us, you typically picture the practical white plastic hampers you can buy at the lower end department store, but there are so many more to choose from.

Considerations for choosing a laundry hamper:

  • Consider the space you have available in your laundry or wherever you want to keep your hamper. Tall and narrow hampers might fit the space better than shallow ones.
  • Choose a smooth finish that won’t snag your clothes.
  • Do you want a hamper set into which you can sort your clothes, ready for loading the washing machine? These do take up more room, generally, but if hidden away in your laundry cabinet, can be an excellent option.
  • Plastic laundry hampers are light and can hold a lot a lot and are easily cleaned, but they do wear and get brittle with age, cracking and ripping – not good for your clothes if they catch on an edge! They are also resistant to mold and mildew that might be a problem if you regularly put damp clothes in the hamper.
  • Wicker hampers look more attractive, but are more prone to developing smells and the abovementioned mould and mildew if left containing wet clothes.
  • Woven laundry hampers that fit in the bottom of your wardrobe can be very useful – they are light and, since they’re not in plain sight, leave you with a tidy room.
  • A hamper in the form of a cloth bag that hangs in your wardrobe is another alternative. Again, they’re out of sight, making for a tidier space, but also easily thrown over your shoulder to carry to the laundry.

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