Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Why not be a bit creative this year and make your day/night a bit more family orientated.  Here are a few ideas to use the heart of the home – the kitchen, and include the whole family this Valentine’s Day.

1.       Breakfast in bed with heart shaped eggs

Add an extra touch with ‘breakfast in bed’ by purchasing some heart shaped egg moulds from a homewares store.  Maybe include a single stem rose or small bunch of flowers to include on the tray for serving.  This is sure to be a winner!

2.       Put some love into the family baking

The kids will love to be included in this one.  Bake some heart-shaped cupcakes.  Provide coloured icing for them to decorate the cakes and/or toothpicks and coloured paper for them to make heart-shaped ‘flags’ to put on top.  You could also purchase some heart shaped chocolate moulds and make some love filled chocolates.   Another healthy option is use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out heart shaped strawberry and watermelon pieces and add to a skewer.   

3.       Decorate the kitchen with love

Find or buy a couple of lolly type jars and fill them with  red lollies such as those strawberry jellies or those heart shaped lollies with the love messages on them.   Buy a couple of red or heart printed tea towels and hang around the kitchen. 

4.       Set the table with love

You don’t need to rush out and purchase an all red dinner setting, you could place some red serviettes, a vase with red flowers and maybe sprinkle some heart shaped confetti on the table to get in the Valentine’s Day mood.