Summer is over and it’s time for the Easter holidays. Where has the year gone?

This is a great time to get the family together for some quality time in the kitchen, now that it’s cooled down a little from our hot summer. Bake some muffins or cup cakes. Go to your favourite recipe site and try out a basic pikelet recipe with your little ones. Kids love to help make fun foods and help Mum and Dad out – especially if it leads to some delicious treats! You’ll have them hopping over to help decorate their Easter morning brekky.

Another fun thing to try with your older kids is to decorate Easter eggs. You’ll find recipes for these all over. You can get great effects with crayons, felt pens and food dye and if you want to go a little fancy, try an old silk tie! It’s also fun to dye some rice or pasta and then stick it to the egg shell. There are endless variations and good looks to be had.

You’ll finally have time to take the kids to the park for a dose of exercise disguised as fun or hide some eggs around the house for the little ones to find, if the weather isn’t playing along.

Dinner of roast lamb is not only traditional for Easter, it’s also thinkable again now it has cooled down. Another Easter favourite is, of course, fish. Living in Australia as we do, we have a great variety available, and boneless fillets will make the kids happy!

Making a big mess is all part of the fun, and you know that with the quality surfaces we build into our kitchens, you will find them super easy to clean up! Our laminates and stone surfaces are durable and low maintenance, the perfect combo!