Herbs in the kitchen can provide a lovely splash of colour to your kitchen, as well as providing flavour and nutrition in your favourite meals.

Happy Kitchen Herbs include:


Chives don’t need much light and are quite prolific, making them one of the easiest plants to grow in your kitchen.


This is an herb that is best grown in its own pot, because it’s likely to take over anything growing in the planter with it. Brew a pot of peppermint tea and chill for summer freshness!


Everybody’s favourite herb is also really easy to grow once you have germinated the seeds. It doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance or light, but do keep in mind that this herb is not as fast growing as some.


My favourite is Rosemary. Be careful not to water this one too much because it does like the dry. There are many varieties available, some of which are more upright in their growth than others, making them more suitable to your kitchen window.

Vietnamese Coriander

This coriander is easier to grow than other types of coriander, making it a better option for your kitchen. This one will complement many a curry!

Tips and Tricks for growing your kitchen herbs:

●      Minimal watering is best, initially. Wait and see how they grow and let the soil dry between watering. Yellow leaves is the first sign that you’ve watered the plant too much.

●      Clip your herbs and use them! That’s what they’re there for and it will encourage them to grow more abundantly as well.

●      Each herb should be planted in its own 6” terracotta pot. This ensures they have space to grow and aren’t overwhelmed by other herbs. Ensure the pots have drainage holes because herbs can be susceptible to fungus.

●      Don’t use soil you’ve brought in from outside, because it can contain organisms that can get out of control inside. Use a good, organic potting mix.

         Although herbs are generally hardy, you might do well to ‘feed’ them occasionally with leaf growth promoting fertilizer such as fish emulsion.