New kitchens and kitchen renovations are seeing homes embrace a communal living design, even changing layouts and removing walls to accommodate it. The combination of the dining room with the kitchen has created an open plan entertaining area and solidified the kitchen as the beating heart of the home.

Life is lived and celebrated in the kitchen. Kitchens are rooms filled with energy, aroma and texture. With changing times, people have gotten more and more busy and the kitchen has become a convenient point for the whole family, to share meals and talk about their days. This has seen more space put into creating the kitchen and many families reducing the dining room into a table countertop inside the kitchen space. Kids no longer have to sit in their bedrooms doing their homework, they can now get help from their parents as they are cooking up a storm right in front of them. The kitchen is now a living and breathing space, dedicated to more than just cooking. Filled with energy and life, the kitchen has become a conversation facilitator, a space to hang out and catch up with your loved ones.

Although kitchen trends come and go one thing is certain – the kitchen will continue to be an irreplaceable space in our homes.

According to many real estate agents, investors and other experts, the kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to selling your home.

Investing in a well-designed new kitchen can increase your property’s resale value drastically. A kitchen renovation that streamlines the area and gives it a more modern look will increase appeal to home buyers and make selling your home a lot easier.