The laundry is often overlooked as a place to showcase design. But, as one of the busiest rooms in the house, you may as well make it look nice and have a layout that works well for what you need.  Not to mention, make you feel like you might like to spend some time in the laundry! There is no reason you can’t achieve a beautiful, yet highly organised and functional space to do one of the most boring jobs in life.

Imagine  wanting to do the washing because you want to hang out in the beautiful laundry.
Here are some tips on styling a laundry.


Over bench hanging racks are great for wet days or for delicate items you might not want hanging out on the line.

 2.       BENCH SPACE

Plenty of bench space to do the sorting and folding of the washing is a must. A side door leading directly to the garden or washing line would be an extra treat.


I love plants or fresh flowers in the laundry. It feels like my little reward for spending hours in here, washing, folding and ironing

4.       STYLE IT!

There are so many beautiful soap and washing product packaging these days – why not put that all on display.  You can put your standard washing powder in a glass jar to make it look more appealing.

I hope this has given you some tips for how you might better organise and style your laundry. If you aren’t renovating, you can still make some improvements to your own laundry.

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