Holiday organising ideas with the kids

Kids holidays – need I say more! It seems that when they are home nothing gets done and the house seems to be in chaos all the time. I am a working mum so when the children are at home I find that if I have things organised I get through the day a little easier. I want to share with you some of the useful holiday organising ideas that have been helping me around the house. Now you may think that some of these are a little silly, but believe me they do help!

boutique laundry cabinets organising

tidy laundry basket idea

Secret Baskets – don’t you hate it when the children or husband leave there dirty clothes either on the floor of the bathroom or laundry? I do! It is a pet hate of mine. However when I created my laundry with drawers to hide away the mess it made my life so much easier and also the kids just love to have their own section assigned to them. If you make it into a game kids generally like to play and will enjoy putting their clothes away. (Husband may be a little harder)

Craft cupboardYes, I’m talking about the craft items that go absolutely everywhere and can get spread from one end of the house to the other. Having one place for all of the craft items eliminates the mess throughout and can be an area in your house where all the craft can be either displayed or kept for giving away. If you also get the kids to help you make signs or labels of where items can go they will enjoy it and also are more likely to place things away if they know it has its own special spot. This one on the holidays has been my favourite as we as a family get together to complete arts and crafts.

boutique cabinets modern front entrance organising for school holidays

organised front entrance

Entrance cupboard – Last but not least, the entrance. We all may have these but have you ever thought of having something just for the children? They see us as adults put our coats and bags away or keys down in the same spot every day, but they generally just go and put their bags on the couch or on the floor. If you put up a hook or a special cupboard near the entrance that is their special area then they are more likely to use it. Or even a shoebox just for them instead of tripping over tiny shoes at the entrance. Win win for you and them.

Creating holiday organising ideas in your home is one of the many things that we love to do.  Check out our other blogs to get more great ideas or give us a call for a quote.