Have you sat down with your partner and discussed your thoughts in regards to your dream bathroom.  You might find your partner has a totally different idea as to what an ideal bathroom is.

Women view the bathroom as a sanctuary.  On average they can spend up to an hour a day in the bathroom including time in the shower, drying off, moisturising, applying make-up and drying/styling hair.

Men however, consider the bathroom just a small part of their daily routine and spend most of their time brushing their teeth or on the toilet.

A woman’s main priorities in a bathroom are storage and lighting.  Women generally have a lot more products they need to put somewhere.  Lighting is also important for them, whether it be natural lighting or not, it is crucial for applying make-up.  Men usually want more technology and maybe shower heads installed a bit higher!

The items you may find it easy to agree on are things like twin basins and twin shower heads.  Other than that, it may be worth having the conversation before it’s too late.