Hiring a Designer…

If you are trying to design something eg Kitchen then you generally have an idea in your head, right? Well what if you hire someone else to design it for you, then it sometimes becomes hard to get what you have in your head onto paper or to get across your ideas. This is challenging for some people and in the end when the job is completed the outcome is less than desirable as they had pictured something else. Or you have seen something and get a quote based on that and realise when installed the quote was missing a key part of what you liked in the first place so therefore it is not what you wanted. This happens to the best of us on a small scale eg getting a burger ask for no onion and it comes with onion, yes we get cranky however it is just a burger and we move on… But if this was a $20,000 kitchen could you move on?

This happens time and time again, with contracts so airtight these days when renovating it is hard to know if you are getting what you really want unless you ask questions and lots of them, to you they may seem silly – is there a gable end on that bench? But when there is not and you expected it to have one then it is all worth it.

Here are some tips to help you when you are planning your renovation:

1. Ensure that you right down the main points that you are after in your new area right down to specifics eg 4 light fittings, 2 double power points, gable ends to the benchtops. This will ensure that at the end you can revert back and say yes I did ask for those things. You can even stipulate for your list to be placed in the contract to ensure they are listed.

2. Go through magazines or photos of items that you are looking for, trying to explain items is hard eg that tap that looks like a goose but then has the round edging at the bottom. If you can produce a photos of what you like it is easier to show what you want instead of getting something way out off the track.

3. If you can get a 3D visual of your new kitchen/bathroom prior to signing off. That way you can see what you are getting and if you are not happy you can make changes now prior to manufacture where it would cost you to modify. 

If you need help designing your new Kitchen/Bathroom or Laundry give us a call and we can help you through the hardest part. We will help you create the room you are dreaming of, call us on (07) 54 641 206.