It is not typical to think of turning the bathroom hi tech but you will be surprised what can be included in your bathroom design to bring it into the future.


You can practically do anything on your smartphone these days, thanks to the endless number of apps available.  With the touch of a button on your phone or ipad you can control the temperature of your bathroom, the volume and type of music that is playing through the in-built speakers and also control the lighting.


Did you know you can choose a bath tub with an inbuilt bluetooth speaker?  When the bath is empty, the speaker projects into the room;  if you are bathing, it’ll vibrate through the water.  You can pre-program your favourite tunes to help you relax and unwind.


Some toilets are now purposely designed with fewer edges, holes and angles to avoid bacteria collecting.  Flush function options now ensure water circulates around the entire bowl, which encourages a thorough wash with each flush.  Some really hi-tech toilets now include a deodorising carbon filter that takes all the smell away and pumps out air over a fragrance pack.  They also feature a night light mode so you don’t need to turn on the light during the night.

4.      TV MIRROR

Catch up on the news while you are getting ready for work with a TV mirror in your bathroom.

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