When planning your bathroom it is important to consider how long it may be before your next renovation and what your needs will be in that time.  Will you be starting a family in this time or do you already have children and you are finding your bathroom is not that family friendly after all.  Here a few tips, some you can implement straight away, some may need a bit more planning.


If you can possibly fit it in, and the budget allows, adding an ensuite will never be a regret. An ensuite may be considered a bit of a luxury, and might not be feasible for every family home, but having a second bathroom is your space to escape the family when needed and a must-have as the children enter those teenagers years and want their own space.


With young ones there is always wet floors. Ensure you have plenty of hooks around to hang wet towels up off the floor. This is also where double towel rails come in handy.  There are many different styles available to suit your specific design.


It is essential to have enough cabinet space eye-height or above to store medicines, antiseptics and other chemical based products out of reach of little hands and mouths.DOUBLE BASINSPeak hour in the bathroom can be a trying time with the whole family trying to get ready, cleaning teeth and shaving etc.  If space allows, seriously consider 2 basins.


Having a bathtub is really a necessity when you have younger kids. Having a detachable showerhead over the bath is an added bonus, making it easier to aim the spray at every height and angle. For a slip-free surface, stick to porcelain tiles, as they have better traction than most floor tiles. A non-slip bathmat is also a good idea with wet floors and young ones – never a good combination.


To avoid an unhealthy build-up of bacterial growth and mould you must have a window or powerful air vent in your bathroom. Particularly when there are wet clothes and towels and wet floors everywhere. Letting in plenty of natural sunlight can also aid to fight some germs and nasties.