You might think there is not much to designing your walk in robe.  However, your walk in robe layout should be planned with the same attention to detail as your kitchen and bathroom.  Particularly if you have a small space to work with, you want to ensure you achieve maximum functionality and storage capacity.  These tips below will help get you started.


The wardrobe depth should be between 60 – 65cms, including doors.  This is a good rule of thumb and will allow ample room for clothes on coat hangers and bulky coats.


If you choose to have doors on your wardrobe, consider whether you have room for hinged doors or if sliding doors would work better in the space.  Glass doors would keep dust off your clothes but allow you to still see your clothes at a glance.   Mirrored doors are also a good idea as they make the space appear bigger.  There are unlimited options including timber veneer or frosted glass as well.


Dresses and long coats will need long hanging space (approximately 188cms), however, you can utilise shorter hanging space (approximately 94cms) for shirts, skirts and trousers.  It will depend on your own needs as to how much long vs short hanging space is required but generally a quarter of the space would be needed for long hanging space.


A set of draws is generally 80cms in height, which includes 25cm per draw and a 5cm kickboard.  Shelves are commonly 45cm deep and most come with pegs so you can adjust the shelf heights.  Of course, custom draws and shelves can be built to suit your needs.


Maximise all space right to the ceiling.  Use high shelving to store seasonal items.


You will need 22-26cm height for shoes with a heel or flats and most men’s shoes, double for boots.  If you want to go all out and have individual pigeon holes for each pair of shoes, you need 22-30 cm in width (approximately) and a depth of 35cm and more for mens shoes.  There are also other options for shoes – ask us.


If room allows, having a place for your jewellery, bags and scarves is a fabulous bonus.  It is helpful to be able to see and access them easily when dressing.  It is also easier to remember what you have, rather than having them buried in a draw.


A skylight would be the ideal to let in natural light when needed and closed when not.  We are not all going to be able to have this option.  Warm white down lights are the next best option.  You can consider adding a gorgeous pendant light if you have the space as it gives the feel of a glamourous change room.  You also can have LED lighting installed above hanging rods or shelves which really helps you see everything easily.


You will need at least 1 full length mirror in your walk in robe and maybe some additional little ones to fix a scarf or put on a tie.