Laundries are so underrated and unappreciated.  How lovely would it be to actually have a functional space you’ll be happy to use for years to come.   Consider these tips below when designing your laundry:


What sort of washing machine do you already have, or will you purchasing, a front loader or top loader washing machine? Front loaders are great for tight spaces, because they can be stacked. They are more energy efficient than the top loaders. However, top loaders have much shorter cycles and you can throw that stray pair of socks in after the wash has already started.

When considering a dryer, be mindful of the size of the dryer for the space you have.  Some front loader washing machines are also a dryer, which is perfect for small spaces.  Dryers are expensive to run, so energy efficiency is an important factor when updating or buying a new dryer. Look for the energy star ratings when comparing different models. The more stars, the more power bill savings.

You need to choose which appliances will work better for your household.


The perfect laundry is a functional one. Creating a space that flows well and gets the job done will mean washing your clothes doesn’t feel like a chore.

Arrange your spaces and appliances in a flow; ensure that dirty laundry can go straight from the basket, to the washing machine, then through to drying and onto the counter top for folding.

Use the space on the walls.  Use a combination of rails, shelves and baskets on your walls to store everything from detergents, clothes and your iron.


Custom cabinets can maximise organisation and storage in the space you have. They can be designed to  maximise every inch of the room.


If you have space for it, consider putting in a drying rack  It can be used to hang and  help dry your delicates and also enable you to hang freshly pressed garments.


Keep decor and decoration to a minimum as over-styling a laundry is really unnecessary. Use matching feature tiles and handles throughout their laundry, bathroom and even kitchen when designing.

Whilst the laundry is one of the most practical rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the space and embrace snippets of style and character.