Many people start their day with a freshly brewed coffee.  Coffee has not only become an essential part of modern life, but can be made from a variety of espresso machines, plungers and pod machines, right in your own kitchen.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation, this would be a good time to think whether you would like a coffee machine built into the cabinetry or at least allow for enough bench space or butler’s pantry to house your coffee machine.

Here is some information about each type of coffee machine to help with your choice.


The pod and capsule machines have become very popular over the last few years, and now make up the bulk of espresso machines we buy in Australia.

The machines are very simple and convenient to use. There are many flavours of coffee available and they require very little cleaning up.

Coffee fanatics may find coffees from these machines lack depth or intensity of flavour.  The used capsules can be recycled, but usually end up in landfill, which is very wasteful of the aluminium and other material that goes into making them.

They range in price from $99 to $500.


These are a small but significant part of the market; while most people prefer to either work a manual model or enjoy the convenience (and cost savings) of a capsule machine, the automated machines definitely have their fans.

They are easier to use than the semi-automatic and manual machines.  Freshly ground beans rather than capsules are used.

They can be much more expensive than the other types of machines, and their higher price isn’t a guarantee that they’ll make particularly good coffee.

They range in price from around $500 to $3000+.


These allow you to experiment and get more hands on with your coffee. They require a bit more knowledge and practice of coffee making techniques such as grinding techniques.

The depth of flavour from using fresh coffee is the most satisfying.

These machines can be difficult for beginners with no coffee-making experience. Ground coffee needs to be prepared before use. You will need to consider space in your kitchen for this is a big espresso machine.

Semi-automatic and manual machines range in price from around $200 to $1500.

If you are not ready to take the step to one of the options above, there is always the good ole’ instant coffee as well as plunger coffee, both of which can be purchased from the supermarket.

Once you’ve brewed your coffee of choice, the only decision left is where to enjoy it. A sunny spot by the window is a nice choice …

It is also worth keeping some insulated keep-cups at the ready for those days when you’re running out the door and need to drink your coffee on the go.

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