There is nothing like the arrival of Spring to get you in the mood for just about anything.  It brightens our day and our mood.  It’s always nice to make some updates that give us that renewed feeling, but particularly in Spring.  Here are some easy and affordable ways to add a touch of Spring to your kitchen.


The easiest way to bring a little Spring into your kitchen is with fresh flowers.  Dig out those vases and visit some local markets for reasonably priced gorgeous blooming flowers.  All flowers are gorgeous and will do the trick – see what appeals or jumps out at you. 


If you have a coffee station or have some coffee cups on display, why not invest in some new ones.  You can find so many affordable choices these days, so maybe choose a nice pastel colour or some cups printed with colourful flowers. 


Changing your tea towels for the season is also an effective, affordable way to add some Spring to your kitchen.  Maybe include some pops of yellow and blue in them to give your kitchen a fresh look.  Tea towels are another item you can source in most department stores. 


Fill a large jar with pastel coloured lollies and display on your kitchen island bench or find a giant fruit bowl and fill with all the beautiful fruits of Spring.

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