4 luxury items that are a MUST for your Dream Kitchen

When you begin dreaming of your ultimate kitchen you may have some pretty special ideas in place, but here are 4 luxury items that are a must for your dream kitchen but that may not have crossed your mind yet.

Once you are buried deep in the mindset of renovating your head is full with all the quoting and pricing of items. Often what happens is once the actual renovation is complete, only then do new ideas pop up and to make these changes can be costly or may not be able to happen at all.

To minimise disappointment at the end of the project it’s best to know all your options upfront so that you can have the choice of either adding or taking out any options that aren’t everything you dreamed of. Here are my top 4 often forgotten items that I believe are a must for any luxury dream kitchen.

1/ Servo Drive – is the best of the best when thinking of kitchen ease and comfort. , if you aren’t familiar with servo drive then click here to view the video on our website

https://www.everythingcabinets.com.au/blum-is-best-for-kitchen/ .

Servo Drive is the latest and greatest technology that allows you to open a drawer by simply touching it anywhere on the surface. It makes putting a handful of peelings or rubbish in the bin a breeze when all you have to do is touch the drawer with your knee and it pops open for you.

Once you’ve tried it, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is hands down the best invention in todays kitchens.2/ Soft close – There is nothing worse than being woken up by the slamming of a kitchen drawer. Or the constant banging of the kids bashing the doors and drawers closed.

Not only does it drive all parents crazy, it shifts everything in the drawers often too. There is a solution! Soft close drawer mechanisms – another innovative invention taking over the kitchen building industry. They are easy to install, a joy to use and will last a lifetime.

3/ Kitchen Vacuum – With or without kids there are always going to be mis-haps in the kitchen where you have to stop what you are making and pull out the vacuum cleaner from the cupboard.

Not any more. Have you ever thought of installing a vacuum system into your kitchen? All you would have to do then is literally sweep the mess up to the kick panel surrounding the room, push it with your foot and “woosh”, it instantly gets sucked into the vacuum.

This is by far my favourite part of my kitchen, it’s hidden in the bottom kickboard and the unit sits under the sink. It’s that simple. The system also comes with a 10m extension tube from the sink unit so that you can vacuum out your cupboards and drawers with ease without having to lug out the heavy vacuum cleaner. It is easy to clean, works like a dream and is one of my favourite things in my kitchen.

4/ Self-Cleaning Oven – One of my pet hates when I was younger was having to clean the oven. It has to be the worst job in the kitchen right! Not to mention all the chemicals used and then knowing I would be cooking my families meals afterwards.

Thankfully now I don’t have to. With the new self cleaning ovens all you have to do is heat it to the correct temperature and it literally burns all of the grime and residue away to nothing. A quick wipe with a wet cloth and it is as easy as that.

A sparkling clean oven, no harsh chemicals and in no time at all. Happy days 
So before you finalise your dream kitchen plans, be sure to include these ‘must have’ items and although they may cost a little more it is the next level of comfort in the kitchen that makes them worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading my 4 luxury items that are a must for your dream kitchen. For more hints and tips download the 7 unknown kitchen renovation mistakes here –

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