Renovating Small Bathrooms

When designing for your bathroom renovation and you don’t have much room to play with – consider these tips below:


The first obvious decision is to not include a bath.  This suits most people and a lot of new homes and apartments do not have a bath at all even when there are 2 bathrooms.  Keep in mind though, that a bath is a necessity for families with children therefore if you decide to sell in future this might limit your potential buyers.


Keep your design simple and not too fussy.  Clean lines create an illusion of more space.  Maximising natural light (if you can) will also help the bathroom space appear bigger.   Light colours will work best and make sure you use narrower vanities, sinks and toilets.


Storage is a must for any bathroom.  In a smaller area you just need to be a bit more creative.  A lot of slimline cabinets with mirrored doors can double as your vanity mirror.

Open shelving doesn’t take up much space and can allow you to put bales of towels up high.


It is no secret that mirrors reflect light and makes small spaces appear bigger.  You could consider an entire mirrored wall.  Other tricks include horizontal tiles, and keeping to a similar colour palette and avoid contrasting colours.

Everything Cabinets will help you to discover what kind of a bathroom you are looking for e.g. traditional, colonial, modern, high-end and stylish. We will work with you to design a bathroom that you can be proud of. If you would like a custom built, one-off and inspiring bathroom, this is what we specialize in.

(image source: Houzz)